Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 348

I got a request to make a C3P0 crayon. I made one while ago using a normal sized crayon. I didn't really like how that turned out though so I never put it up on Etsy. With this request, I had a chance to right that wrong. I used a large sized crayon this time. With the larger size, I could have a more detailed face along with adding in features of his torso. I liked all the details I was able to include on the body. However with the head having the same width of the body, he looks a little anorexic. For the head, it was mostly carved normally. I had to melt and apply wax for the eyebrow ridges and the entire halo around his head. I like how he turned out but he still looked a little off to me. I think maybe it's because I've never really looked closely at him and don't have a good mental image of him in my head.

I had another request for Chewbacca. I had planned on making him at some point so having some pay me was pretty good motivation. My original idea was different from what's here. I planned on having some shoulders and torso with his bandolier going across. I started carving inward around the head to create the shoulders. I quickly realized that I was losing space for the head and maybe I should stop since I wanted maximum space to work with. With no shoulders, there wasn't anything to indicate where the head actual ends except for the crayon wrapper so I had to be careful that I didn't tear too much off. Carving him was a little challenging. It didn't help that he seemed to look different in every picture of him online. A heavier texture for the hair probably would have been more accurate but I'm ok with the lighter lines here. The area around his mouth could be bulked out more. I'll do that the next time I make him. Overall, he isn't as good as he could be but he's better than I was expecting so that makes it a success.

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