Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 347

So I sold my Game of Thrones set to some guy in Australia awhile ago. Shiu Pei still had the crayons in her possession so she offered to ship them to him. Unfortunately when they arrived, most of them were broken. I'm guessing that Shiu Pei wrapped the whole framed set in bubblewrap. That protected the frame but I think the crayons just rattled around inside during shipment and broke. I was annoyed at first but I've sent off crayons myself that ended up breaking so I couldn't really blame Shiu Pei for something that I've done myself. In the end, it wasn't that big of a deal to make new ones. Instead of spending the weekend watching TV, I just watched TV while carving crayons. It was also a nice change of pace from the usual things I was making for my store. Interesting how what took me weeks to do before, I can now do in a weekend.

Some of the crayons ended up more or less the same, some were better and some were a little worse. Here are the crayons that I thought ended up better. Up top is the Stark direwolf which is I think very much improved. The first one's head was too long and narrow and dog looking in my opinion. This one is more robust. I liked it so much that I added it to my Etsy store by itself and have sold a few since.

Next is the Greyjoy kraken. The original's tentacles were kind of wavy and pointed downward. It was a little too messy for me and they were too short for the size of the squid. Here I made the tentacles curl together so they look neater and appear longer as well. 

Last is the Tully trout. The original didn't have a dorsal fin because there wasn't enough room. Back then, I also didn't want to use the melting technique because I felt like it was cheating. I don't mind that so much now so I added in the fin. I didn't make it as big as I would have liked since I didn't want it too look obvious that it extends out of the cylinder of the crayon. Then I drew in lines for the scales and fins. Below I have the new set that I sent out. I haven't heard anything from the guy so I assumed they arrived safely.

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