Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 349

I've mentioned before that even though I don't watch Doctor Who, I wanted to make crayons based on it since it has a rabid fan base. I made a Tardis a few days before my Tumblr started trending. It did not look that great. Difficult things for me to carve are straight lines and flat surfaces. The main tool I use has a curved edge which makes creating something perfectly flat challenging. Unfortunately, a Tardis is made pretty much completely of straight lines and flat surfaces. Since I wasn't happy with the end result and I now had thousands of new followers to judge me, I ended up not posting the first Tardis I made. The Tardis you see here is the second one I made. It's not perfect, but I think it's pretty good. The blue ended up bleeding into the white but that's something that's very hard to avoid. One of the dental tools I have has a square flat end which is just the right size to carve in the square shapes on the sides of the Tardis. Without that tool, I'm pretty sure I would have rage quit in the middle of making it. 

So why do I have a cat paired up with a Tardis? About two months ago, I joined an online Secret Santa on this geek centric website's forums. Based on the previous year's gifts, I was hoping some generous person would be my Santa and get me cool stuff off my wishlist. Sadly, I ended up with someone who bought me just one item that was below the minimum spending limit. Oh well. I looked over the wishlist of the person I had to get a gift for (I already knew when I joined I would give them crayons). I saw that they liked Doctor Who and cats. That gave me the reason to try making a Tardis again and then I carved the cat above. To be honest, I didn't spend a lot of time on the cat. The body was easy enough but I had trouble with the head. I wanted a more cartoony look for the face which clashed with the realistic head shape I carved. It could be better but she loved the gift anyway and that's all that really matters.  

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