Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 333

Now for a Tumblr update. I currently have 643 followers. However, not much activity has been going on these past few weeks. First of all, I've been busy carving stuff I've sold on Etsy so I haven't been making many new things. For long stretches of time, I've been getting just a few likes and shares an hour. No-Face was an exception and got over a thousand notes. There's supposed to be a lot of activity on weekends so I posted Finn on a Sunday hoping he'd get a lot of attention. He got very little which surprised me. So I deleted that post and uploaded it again on Monday for another try. I got pretty much the same result. That was disappointing. I think I've mentioned how fickle Tumblr is. It's all about timing and luck. I liken it to trying to start a campfire. I create some sparks hoping a flame will catch. Most sparks die out quickly. Sometimes the kindling catches fire but goes out. If I'm lucky, a flame will start but usually it won't survive the night. Then there's Princess Bubblegum which burns forever. I just posted the Adventure Time group shot a few days ago and that did well. It survived the night and has over 3000 notes as of right now.  Otherwise, nothing too interesting going on on the Tumblr front. I actually think I'm getting more views on Etsy now a days.

I did notice that one of the people who bought my crayon posted it on their own Tumblr. I wouldn't have seen this normally but his username and profile picture are the same on Tumblr and Etsy so I looked at his page. I'm glad he liked it. Even though I've made sales on Etsy, I've yet to receive a review from a customer. So it's nice to get some feedback.

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