Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 332

With my success of mixing crayon wax for No-Face, I decided to go back and add some color to BMO. Shiu Pei bought BMO so I wanted to make it extra special for her. BMO was carved with a normal sized crayon so everything is even smaller than usual. I pretty much just applied a drop of melted wax for each button and then carefully carved the right shape. The drops are just sitting on top of the base crayon and not melted deep into it. I wasn't sure if they would just pop right off when I tried to carve them. Luckily they stuck on. I was very surprised the direction pad turned out ok. 

I finally got around to carving Finn. In the time between adding color to BMO and making Finn, I carved many other crayons but I'll talk about that later. The reason I took awhile to carve Finn was that most of the other characters in Adventure Time are predominately one color. Meanwhile Finn is mainly blue but white is also important. I couldn't use a blue crayon or his face would have been blue too and that would have looked weird. I thought about chopping a white crayon in half, attaching a tube of blue crayon for the body and then the rest of the white on top of that for the head. But that would have been too much work so I just settled with all white. I'm very happy with how he turned out. I actually recorded a video of myself carving him. The reason why I did that is yet another story for another post.

With Finn done, I could take more group shots. I think I'm done with Adventure Time. I haven't seen any new episodes recently though so I might get inspired in the future.