Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 327

I have a box of grey crayons so I thought about what things are grey that I could carve. I settled on Totoro pretty quickly. If you ignore what Totoro looks like in the movie, the carving looks pretty good. However it's not perfect. Totoro is a lot more chubby and that doesn't come across here. I would have had to shrunk down the head which I didn't really want to do. The other thing is that his ears are too big. One of them broke and it was a hassle putting it back on. So I didn't want to try to make them any smaller or risk another break.

I also have a bunch of white crayons so with Totoro done, I decided to do another Studio Ghibli inspired crayon. Here are the creepy forest spirits from Princess Mononoke. I found out they're called Kodama. I knew I wanted to do two within one crayon. They have a pretty simple design so I thought it would be easy. However doing two at once erased any easiness. They turned out alright though. I have one more Ghibli character to do which will complete the series. 

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