Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 326

So with all that attention, now what? Well I've gotten a lot more followers on Tumblr. In my last update, I had 139. Now I have 438. However with all those followers, there hasn't been a big increase in notes. Actually the activity has died down a fair amount. I think the Princess Bubblegum post may be on its last legs finally. It's been getting dead of the night numbers during the daylight hours now. I guess I need to carve a Finn crayon and pander to my audience. Once I do a Finn crayon, I can do some Adventure Time group shots and get easy likes that way.

One sad thing is that someone took the photos from one of the articles and posted it on Tumblr along with a link to the article. This article found my Etsy shop but not my Tumblr so there was nothing tracing back to me. That post on Tumblr now has over 100,000 notes. Sad. Those should be mine. Oh well. A problem with having all these articles about my crayons is that I've lost all control over the images. Any random person can write about it or post it on Facebook or Tumblr with or without source links. I don't mind too much. I think enough of it is getting back to me.

One funny thing is that when I created my Etsy store, I just wrote HQ Tran as my name not really thinking about it. I don't even think my name is on my Tumblr anywhere, except that the URL is So when these people wrote the articles, they used HQ Tran as my name. Some of them put it in quotes because they weren't sure it was a name or not. After noticing this, I changed my Etsy name to my real name so a few of the later articles use that instead.

There have been some other developments on the Etsy side of things. I have gone from 55 followers to 144. On Saturday morning during the rush of articles, someone bought all my Star Wars crayons. Then a few days ago someone ordered a R2D2 crayon. It's weird how R2 gets sold multiple times but not Vader or the Stormtrooper which I think look way cooler. No love for villians I guess. Besides that, not any other sales. I did get two requests though, both Dr Who related. I responded to them with price estimates but I haven't heard back from them yet. It would be pretty easy to make some Tardises though. I'll probably do it anyway since there's so many Dr Who fans out there.

I sent off all my Star Wars crayons yesterday. It's a little sad since I really liked them. I tell myself is that I can always make more. Ideally though, I would keep the originals and make new ones to order. Unfortunately, I don't have time for that. Maybe in the future. I had to make two new R2D2s and I found that having an existing version in my hand speeds up the duplicating process since I can directly compare them. So there's another downside of not having originals.

Anyway, there have also been two other developments but I'll write about them once I see how they turn out.

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