Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 325

Some interesting things have been going on on the crayon front. Last weekend, I was in the city for a wedding. On Friday night, I was informed via Shiu Pei's friend that the website Geekologie wrote about my crayons. It's not a site I visit, but it seems cool. Then after some searching, I saw that some other sites had written about the crayons as well. Most were geeky blogs or websites that I never heard of. Some wrote new articles while others just copied what others had written.

I kind of want to say that I expected this to happen. I know that geeky stuff like this gets popular so I knew there was potential. I thought about posting this stuff on Reddit before but I'm not a regular visitor to that site so I didn't want to sign up just to do that. But I knew if I made it somewhere with high visibility, something could happen. That's why I posted on the Game of Thrones Tumblr. First I had hoped some fan would want to buy the crayons. That didn't work out but the other goal was to have someone with some clout see it and spread it around. Last time I wrote here I mentioned that the book publisher Tor started following me on Tumblr. Turns out they might have been the one that started this whole thing. While articles began appearing on these other sites on Friday, I showed up on Tor's main website (not Tumblr) on Thursday so they might have been patient zero. 

So here are some more screenshots from websites that I actually have heard of like the Australian Gizmodo and io9. I think it's pretty cool I made it on io9. So I think I ended up appearing on a few dozen sites which is good but not insanely viral or anything. That includes sites that just link to other sites. It made a splash but not enough to keep growing. I blame it on occurring on the weekend.

I'll write a little bit more but this entry is getting long. I'll end it with someone's comment from io9.

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