Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 319

Despite what it looks like, this is not another case of me simply using Shiu Pei's artwork. My original idea was that I thought it would be cool if I made a model of Shiu Pei's logo for the Waffle Roost so that it could be 3D printed by someone and then given to Justin. The tricky part is that 3D printers print from the bottom up. So if you were printing a standing person, the feet and legs would print fine but when you get to the hands, there's a problem cuz nothing is supporting the hands and the printer can't print in midair. You can get around this by printing him laying on his back. A similar issue is with overhangs. If the model extends outwards and the angle is too great, there won't be enough support beneath and it won't print properly. So you have to keep all this in mind when making the model. Eventually though, I decided that this logo probably wasn't ideal for 3D printing and any attempts I made probably wouldn't work. However since I already put some thought into how I would go about modeling the rooster, I decided to just model it normally. 

As usual, I modeled one half at a time. I started with the head and worked my way down to the body. I pulled out the wings and legs and feet. With that done, I mirrored the half over. He ended up being too wide so I adjusted that. Next I made half the sunglasses and mirrored that as well. I couldn't make half a crown because it didn't have an even number of points so I built it as a whole. I started with a donut shape and then strategically extended upwards.

It took a bit to figure out the best way to make the waffle. Once I figured that out, I copied it multiple times to make the throne. Luckily, the waffle extensions on the edge ended up almost interlocking with each other. The fork and lock were made out of cubes. The chain took awhile to do. Making one link was easy but placing them was a little harder. If you remember, the rotate tool doesn't work correctly on my laptop which was a little inconvenient. Below is my finished work in Maya. I still have to move it over to Mudbox to finish posing it. I posed the arms in Maya since they don't have too many polygons and I wanted to make sure they were the right length.

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