Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 320

As usual, I had to unfold the model flat to get it ready for painting in Mudbox.

Unfolding is also needed to increase the number of polygons which I've done above to help smooth out the model. With that done, I went about posing everything. I tried to emulate the original drawing as much as possible. I couldn't get the wing holding the fork to look quite right though.

Next it was onto painting. I kept things pretty simple. On the above left is the base coat. On the right is the painted layers above the base which include the lines on the legs and beak, stuff on the crown, some shadow and shading on the lock and chain, and some shadow for the waffle depressions.

Above is the result adding in a shine layer. I gave the fork, crown, chain and lock the most shine. The beak and legs also got a little as well. For the glasses, instead of just making a flat layer of shine, I drew in shine lines to more accurately reflect the original drawing. Below is the finished flattened paint map.

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