Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 318

Here's an update on Tumblr related stuff. My Princess Bubblegum post is still getting liked and reblogged. It now has 55,000 notes and counting. It gets a few dozen notes an hour. It dips pretty low in the middle of the night down to just a handful but it always come back to life the next day. Occasionally there are spikes of a few hundred an hour. A few days ago there was spike of a few thousand for some reason. My other crayons haven't been quite as successful. Most of the other Adventure Time crayons have about 200 notes each. All the rest have much less.

I haven't made any new crayons but I still wanted to post stuff on my Tumblr (for my fans of course). During my research of Princess Bubblegum, I found out that a lot of people ship her with Marceline. Shipping is when fans desire two usual fictional characters to be in a relationship with each other. An example would be like people wanting Harry Potter and Hermione to hook up. So Princess Bubblegum and Marceline have a couple name which is Bubbline. People think that they're just cute together. One is a Goth rocker loner and the other is a brainy prim and proper princess. They're opposites so they complement each other. The fact that they're both girls is irrelevant. Anyway because of this, I decided to post a picture of both of them together and tagged it "Bubbline" along with the usual tags. The first day it did well and got hundreds of notes. Then it died off but not completely. Every now and then it'd get a note, maybe one or two an hour and this went on for a week. Recently though it's taken off and is more active than the Bubblegum solo post at times. It's sitting at 4,000 notes right now.

I finally got around to submitting my Game of Thrones crayons to the official Game of Thrones Tumblr account which was my original goal awhile ago. It took about week before it was cleared and eventually posted on the site. Most posts there get a few hundred notes. It's been just a few days and mine has over three thousand. I wasn't surprised just because the crayons are different than what's usually on there. It's mainly paintings (digital and analog) and drawings usually of the main characters so even though some of them are really awesome, it's kind of repetitive. Unfortunately, none of the notes appear on my account so it's harder to keep track. I did add in a link back to my Tumblr and Etsy shop. I've gotten more new followers recently so I think it was due to this (and maybe some from the Bubbline post). I currently have 139 followers. Unfortunately, I don't have any crayons to post to entertain them. One of the new followers is the Tumblr account for Tor Books. It's a big (maybe biggest?) publisher of fantasy and sci-fi books so I thought that was cool. 

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