Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 312

Out of my pack of 150 crayons, I had only one single white crayon. I felt that I needed more than that so I ordered a box of large white crayons. That's what I used for the R2D2s and Stormtrooper. I was thinking of what else I could do with white crayons and after seeing a bunch of wedding posts on Facebook, I thought I could carve a bride. I also thought that people getting married would potentially want to buy wedding related crayons especially if they're made to look like them. So I carved a generic bride above. I decided not to carve a face so the customer would more easily imagine their own face on there. Nah, I was just lazy. The bouquet looks good from the front but obviously flat from the side.

Next was to make the groom. I didn't want to use a black crayon because it would be harder to see the details so I used a gray crayon instead. It was tougher than I thought it would be. All the humanoid characters I've done before had dresses or something to obscure the legs. Here I had to show the whole body, arms and legs, so getting the right proportions within the crayon was challenging. It turned out ok. He looks a little stiff though. I also couldn't do much of a neck because I didn't want it to break there.

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