Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 311

Here's Flame Princess. She's one of my favorite crayons I've done so far. I like how it doesn't look like I was constrained by the dimensions of the crayon. Probably has the cleanest lines I've done. The bangs are a little too big and the face could be rounder. However since she's a relatively new character to Adventure Time, her image isn't burned into my mind yet so I don't notice the flaws too much.

Marceline changes her outfit on the show a lot but I settled with her basic tank top and jeans look. That outfit isn't very visually interesting though so I decided to add in her ax guitar. The guitar made it more difficult since I had to carve everything else around it. I made her legs bend to give the idea that she's floating which she does a lot on the show. Didn't quite work though since you can't see her feet.  

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