Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 310

One last Star Wars crayon. I used a normal sized crayon since I needed to get the right shade of green for Boba Fett. Compared to the Stormtrooper and Vader, Boba Fett was easier to carve even with using the smaller crayon. The antenna/targetting thing was harder. With Bender, it was easy to stick the wire straight down the center. Because Boba's is on the side, I had to bend the wire first and then insert it in at an angle which was a little destructive to the adjacent wax. So that's it for Star Wars. In the future, I might make a C3PO out of a metallic gold crayon I have. I also want to do an Ewok but I don't have the right shade large crayon.

Next is Jake the Dog from Adventure Time. I held off on doing him because I wanted to carve him with a large crayon but didn't have the right shade. He's slightly more orange but I settled with this yellow. He turned out alright. He doesn't have the exact right look to me. Since he has thin legs, I made him sitting down or else it'd be really narrow in that area. 

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