Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 306

I wanted to carve R2D2 and I thought I could make it without the legs and just focus on the body since that's already crayon shaped. The result is above. I'm not happy with it. There was a lot of engraving which I said before I don't like to do. There are a lot of slanted lines which should be straight. Most of the time I work really late after midnight. The lamp in my room isn't very bright so sometimes it's hard to see what I'm doing. So often I go to bed tired and not sure what I actually carved. Then I wake up in the morning crossing my fingers and hoping it's better than what I remembered. Most of the time, it is; this time it wasn't. 

So I decided to do an R2 with legs because even if I did the body perfectly, I still didn't like how it looked. This R2D2 turned out better. It still had a fair amount of engraving and I had to figure out how to simplify what details should appear or not. I'm not super enthused with the end result. I think if I add in some blue, it would really pop more. It's kind of boring right now. Here's a side by side comparison below. You can see how much smaller he ends up being by just adding in legs. I posted the second R2 on my Tumblr yesterday. It only got 2 notes. Sad.

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