Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 305

This blog has been looking a little bland and text heavy lately. I have more crayons to show but I want to post them here and on Tumblr around the same time. I just want to avoid someone seeing them here and posting them on Tumblr before me. That's pretty paranoid since no one really goes to this blog. However, I have seen people repost my Princess Bubblegum crayon on Tumblr as a new post instead of reblogging it so it isn't linked to me at all. I also did some investigating and found out that some people posted the image onto another similar site I've never heard of called We Heart It. Seems to be a mix of Tumblr and Pinterest. Anyone, they posted it there (with no link back to me) and it was liked by a few hundred people. Some of those people saw it for the first time there and then posted that back onto Tumblr. It's not too big of a deal now but it is annoying for an artist not to get credit for their work.

Anyway, I said I was just going to spend a week carving crayons but now it's stretched to two weeks. I had to house sit for my sister while she was away on a trip. She's getting some renovation done on her house so she needed someone to let the workers in and keep an eye on things. So I spent a few days there but wasn't very productive. It was hard to work with loud construction noise going on and random guys going in and out the house. I've also been helping a friend with some art stuff for her wedding. So I've been a bit distracted lately. I'm also sick right now. There are still two more things I want to carve before stopping and getting back to modelling. Hopefully, I'll get that done soon before I forget how to model.

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