Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 298

I wanted to do carvings for Jake and Finn from Adventure Time and I wanted to use the large size to match Princess Bubblegum. Unfortunately, I didn't have the right color for Jake. I just had yellow and orange when he should be somewhere in the middle. Finn on the other hand is mainly blue and white and I wasn't sure how I would do that. I think I'll have to mix colors via melting which is tricky so I decided to do that later. Instead, I moved onto Futurama. I decided to do Zoidberg and Bender since they're the only main characters that are a solid color. There's also Kif but I don't think he's that popular. Both of these are the normal sized crayons. I think Zoidberg came out really well. I wasn't sure how the flat bug eyed Futurama look would turn out in three dimension but it works.

Bender wasn't too bad either. There wasn't enough room to make the eye shield stick out as much as it should. I tried to make a really narrow antenna but it ended up breaking off which was for the best. Instead I just stuck in a wire on top and then covered that with melted wax. Overall, carving these crayons is going a lot quicker. Obviously, they're smaller so there's less to do. I'm also keeping it simple too. With the Game of Thrones ones, I wanted to use as much of the crayon as possible. So with those, I was doing two or three times as much work compared to these. The flip side is that I have to try to copy something that exists and is familiar compared to just a bunch of animals. 

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