Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 299

Now I'm moving onto Star Wars. Someone had already done Star Wars carved crayons but they aren't that great in my opinion. They were using the normal sized crayons though so I'll give them that. These two here were done with large crayons. Both of these were difficult to do. There were a lot of weird angles and shapes and details. I constantly had to look at reference pictures to try to get everything right. Despite the difficulty, I liked how they turned out, especially the Storm Trooper helmet. Some parts are a little off, but enough time has passed from when I was staring at photos that I forgot where the problems are. I do remember not being happy at all with how Darth Vader looked when I finished him. His face was just off but I'm ok with it now. Vader has that iconic chest plate so I included that. The Storm Trooper's chest is pretty plain so I just stopped with a helmet.

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