Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 297

So my idea to get people to buy my crayons is to carve geeky things. Geeky people tend to buy geeky things they don't need. I should know because I'm one of them. Back when I was doing the Game of Thrones crayons, I thought it would be fun to do Adventure Time characters so that's what I did. Above I did Princess Bubblegum using a large pink crayon I had leftover. She wasn't too bad to carve. Luckily the hair allowed me not to have to carve all around. The crown ball could be thinner but I didn't want it to break off.

BMO was a lot harder. This was my first time carving a normal sized crayon although there wasn't that much carving to do. There was a lot of engraving lines which I don't like to do because it's hard to make straight lines and if you mess up, it's a pain to fix. Despite all that, I liked how it turned out. When you look up close like in these pictures, some parts looks a little rough but in real life it looks pretty good.

I was thinking about how I would ship these if I were to sell them without having them break. I just searched tube canisters on Amazon and eventually ended up looking at plastic test tubes. They came with caps so they seemed perfect (and were cheap). I had to get two sizes. The smaller one is just the right size for the crayon. The larger one is a little long but there weren't any other options. They're nice for storage too. The crayons are safe from breakage and from touching and coloring each other.

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