Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 296

Looks like we're back to crayons. Back around when the art show happened, I talked to Shiu Pei and she said maybe carving crayons could be my thing and I could sell them on Etsy. Now this idea had already crossed my mind. The artist who carved the crayons I originally saw online mostly does stuff for shows or commissioned work. I saw one price though (which may not be right) that was $500 for two crayons. Now that's a little high. I figure if someone is willing to pay $250 for one crayon, then maybe someone will want to pay a tenth of that for one of mine. So I thought I would spend a week carving crayons and then put them on Etsy and see what happens. My expectations are low but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. There does seem to be a void in this arena. Besides the previously mentioned artist, there aren't many examples of good carvings that I could find online.

So first things first, I needed to buy more crayons. I forgot if I mentioned this, but the crayons I carved for Game of Thrones were large sized crayons by Crayola. Large was nice since there's more wax to work with but there are less colors. The pack I bought only had 16 colors which sounds sufficient but wasn't really since blue and purple were super dark. They may leave marks in those colors but the wax itself just looks black. So I had to buy normal sized crayons and got the pack on top which had 150 unique colors. Now I have a lot of colors and a lot of crayons in general. They were pretty cheap too. I got 150 for the price of 40 large crayons. Unfortunately, there weren't many lighter shades of blue and purple. Most still looked black. Above you can see a comparison of two sizes. The normal crayons feel significantly smaller and are going be a challenge to work with.

I also would like to sell my Game of Throne crayons. Unfortunately, I want to sell it as a set which makes the price high. Although now without art gallery fees, I can lower the price. I wanted to submit it to the Game of Thrones Tumblr (where they post GoT artwork) to promote it. However, I needed a Tumblr account first which was a hassle. I didn't want to have a half assed page if they looked at it so I tried to make a nice looking one. I definitely do not like Tumblr and its interface but I found a template that I liked. It's just photos and no text. Over this past week, I've been posting my GoT crayons and any future ones will also end up there. I haven't submitted to the GoT Tumblr yet but will soon. You've already seen the crayons but you can check it out here if you want.

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