Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 276

Now I can finally paint the model. Above you can see the base layer of paint so everything else is going on top of this. Before when I was painting the Pokemon, I was very careful to keep areas I painted (within a single layer) away from each other so there wouldn't be any accidents happening on borders between colors. That was because it was one big geometric object, however this model is made up of many separate objects. So I can paint the rubber bands pink without worrying about it ending up on the body on accident as long as I don't let the cursor stray too far.

Above and below are images after I painted the second layer. With the legs, I just added in some more basic coloring but for other areas, I added in more details. For the arms, I painted in the strands of fiber and I used a burlap stencil on the hand. For the marble on the other hand, I just painted freehand. It wasn't looking too good but then I blurred the colors together and it looked better. For the baseball stitching, I created an image of a single stitch in Photoshop and used that as a stamp in Mudbox. So I traced the line on the ball and a stitch would appear every few pixels.

Next were layers for dirt and the aged look. There's not much to say except that it took awhile. I also edited the model for the baseball a bit. I just bulged the stitching seam to give it a more realistic look.

I didn't paint in dots for the thimble because I wanted to take care of that with a bump map. I tried using a picture of a thimble as a stencil but that didn't work out. I ended up isolating just one dimple from a picture in Photoshop and, like the stitching for the ball, applied it one by one on the thimble. It turned out better than I expected. I thought maybe it would only look good from one angle but it actually looks three dimensional from any angle. For the rest of the bump map, I just duplicated the dirt layers to give the whole model a rougher appearance so it wouldn't look too smooth or flat. I tried to make it more subtle except for certain areas like the stitching and the hand. You can see the bump layer below with color turned off. I also made a layer for shine but since this is an old object, there wasn't much to make shiny. I just applied a little brightness to the thimble, cork screw, bottle cap and shoes.

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