Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 275

After completing the model for my Bioshock guy, I had to create the 2D map for him. As usual, it's a lot of cutting and flattening in a different program. Above, all the bright green lines are where I made cuts. This whole process took forever. I sat down expecting to get some painting done and I ended up spending the whole night just doing this. The program I use is awesome but it just runs kind of slowly and is not super responsive. It was probably because there were too many polygons. I wasn't concerned with keeping the numbers low so there was a lot of excess.

Anyway, I ended up with the map above. The large circles are the baseball. The large rectangle is the tank on the back. The next two large pieces are the body. The C shaped pieces are all the tacks. The long strips are the rubber bands, paperclips, and string. The coiled twine arms were hard to flatten. I didn't do the best job there so some artifacts are probably going to show up there when I do the painting. If you don't know what the monster looks like that the doll is supposed to emulate, I added it in below.

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