Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 277

Here is the final product. I like it. I always have low expectations of myself regarding painting so I end up impressed with what I make. This was a fun project to do. The model itself was fairly simple. Minimal sculpting was needed, just manipulation of basic shapes. Then having a variety of materials to paint was interesting.

Random things: I really didn't do anything with the canister on the back since it's so dark I didn't think you would see anything. I guess I could have put in scratches. The stripes on the legs took a long time to do since it's hard to paint smooth clean lines onto a three dimensional object. I tried to put dirt where I thought they would logically appear like on the bumps of the rubber band over the paperclip. However for the body, I wasn't sure if the dirt came after the doll was made or if there was already dirt on it. I kind of went halfway; it's slightly cleaner near the rubber bands. There's a rabbit painted on the top of the bottle cap.   

I think I painted the majority of this using my mouse instead of my pen and tablet. I just find using the mouse easier. I'm not sure if I should be forcing myself to use the tablet in order to get better with it though.

Below is the painted map with all the layers. You can see that the baseball stitching isn't symmetrical but it's not that noticeable on the model.

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