Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 272

I've done three crayons so far. I would say I'm maybe 70-80% done with each. I did this because I figure by the time I get to the ninth one, I will hopefully be better at carving crayons. Then I can go back with my new skills and take each crayon to 100% completion. Anyway first up is the Stark wolf. It looks more like a dog than a wolf to me though. I accidentally made the head too wide so thus the eyes look too wide apart from the front. This happened because I was carving by looking at the side so it looks normal from the side and messed up from the front. I'll have to go back and fix that. The Stark wolf sigil has sort of tufted fur on the neck so that turned out ok on the crayon.

Next is the Greyjoy squid. It looks pretty much the same from the sides and front and back so you don't need a lot of viewpoints. Black was a little harder to work with since it was harder to see what I was doing. My main complaint is that I didn't make the tentacles wavy enough. From the front I got some waves in when I realized that but it was too late for the side. I also couldn't put in the two extra long tentacles that squid have without peeling off the entire crayon wrapper.

The Tully fish was a lot harder than I thought it would be. First off, the crayon was really dark (it's lightened above) which is disappointing because it's harder for you to see what I carved. Unfortunately, I don't have any lighter blue crayons. Also this crayon was much softer and gummier than the first two so I had to stop frequently to brush off the shavings which would stick back onto the crayon instead of falling off. The fish was tricky to carve because it has so many fins. And this was even after having to eliminate the dorsal fin because there just wasn't enough room for it. I had to push a lot harder to carve this crayon which made me very afraid I was going to break it around the narrow tail area.

Here's one carved tooth from dental school if you were wondering what they looked like. They were for making gold crowns. The wax goes into cement, melt the wax, inject molten gold, cool and break out the gold crown and polish. Same method for making cast jewelry. 

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