Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 258

I had to do a lot of image research for the knight. I had to figure out how they were actually armored and what kind of style I wanted. There were countless variations based on real history along with fantasy. I also had to draw sketches for the head. I wanted to have a slight mouse motif for the helmet so the sketches were needed for that. The simplest thing was to elongate the helmet forward more. I put in three slits over the mouth part to represent whiskers. I'm not happy with how that looks and will try to fix that later. The hardest part was recreating mouse ears without it looking stupid. I tried drawing more literal ears but they didn't look right. Then I thought of doing a ram's horn to get the round shape. While I was modeling that, I decided to add in more horns to fill in the space more. I think it works to give a subtle mouse impression.

With that done, I moved onto the body armor which was a slow and tedious process. I didn't plan out the look beforehand and made things up as I went along. Above, the arm is partially bare because he'll be wearing chain mail underneath the armor pieces. You can see that below which is why it's wrinkled at the elbow. Other gaps will also be chain mailed. The plan is to go into Mudbox and make a bump map to get the chain mail look. I got as far as the knee here. The capri look is kind of funny.

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