Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 257

Since this mouse is going to be ridden into battle, it needs some armor. This type of work is better done in Maya. Above you can see me start working on the head by placing a simple polygon and working my way back.

Before I proceeded further, I needed to know where and how the knight would sit on the mouse. So I went back to Mudbox and loaded up the default man model and positioned him on the mouse. Then I sent everything back to Maya.

Then I added in more armor and made a saddle. I didn't cover him completely with armor because I was trying to think things through logically (as much logic as you can apply to an tiny knight). I figured a mouse is more flexible than a horse so it should have less armor to impede that flexibility.

Here is the semi-final form. It's pretty simple right now because I'm not sure how everything will look with an armored knight and I don't want it too busy. I'll probably add in straps wrapping around the bottom of the mouse and smaller details like rivets. Some other things might change after I make the knight since I want their armor to match.

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