Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 249

Now to paint the head I sculpted. This isn't quite the order I did it but it's the order that make the most sense to explain. First I did the eyes. As usual, I just copied over a picture of an eye onto the eyeball. For the head, the bottom most layer is a solid skin tone on the top left. Next I made a new layer and painted in the lips and rosy cheeks. The skin was pretty flat looking so I applied some red blotchiness all over. The end result is in the middle. On the right is the second layer without the bottom layer.

Now I'm jumping way ahead to the near final result. I used a photo of the actress I was referencing and painted part of her face directly onto the model. There was a strong contrast between this area and what I painted myself. I lightly erased certain parts along with the border between the two so they blended with each other. The photo eyebrows were a little pixelated so I erased most of them and painted them in myself. The photo also had eye lashes which did not look good when painted onto the eyelids. So I erased those and replaced them with thick eyeliner. I had to look up pictures of eye makeup to figure out what I wanted to do. I didn't want it too perfect so it looks hand drawn. A freckle or two appeared after applying the photo face so I drew in a handful more on the cheeks and nose. I ended up erasing a lot of the photo face but some of it is still there.

After adding in the eyeliner, I was definitely getting an Emma Stone vibe. Above left, you can see the final paint job. On the right, I added a shininess layer. I applied some shine on the cheeks, forehead, etc. I also put a strong layer on the lips and then erased lines in it to mimic the real lines in lips without having to sculpt it. Then I added in a bump layer for the eyebrows to give them some depth. I just had to paint some fine hairlike strokes. Remember the bump layer is just an illusion but it saves me from having to increase the number of polygons which I didn't want to do just for the eyebrows.

After saving these images, I realized there was an issue with the eyes. I knew they were a little big but it wasn't too bad. Turns out at some point in the sculpting process, I had widened the eyeballs so they were more olive shaped than spherical. So I fixed that and adjusted the eye lids accordingly. Funny enough after doing that, she stopped looking like Emma Stone. 

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