Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 248

Here's the final result after painting in Mudbox but I'll still go over the steps. First I chopped up the model and flattened the pieces to create the map needed for painting. You can see that result (now colored) all the way on the bottom.

Then I imported the model into Mudbox. First I cleaned up the geometry a bit. I smoothed out bumpy areas and repositioned some parts. I made the ears flare out a bit. This could have been done in Maya but it's much easier to do in Mudbox. With that done, I started coloring. Nothing too complex here. Just flat solid colors for the most part.

For the second and third pics, I used the posing tool to move some of the body parts around to create more interesting shots. I gave him a slightly shiny surface material. It doesn't look too realistic but I think it matches well with the fact that it's a cartoon character. Overall, I think it turned out pretty well, especially after coloring.

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