Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 213

Now that I have a working computer, I went back and finished painting the robot. Above is the rest of the main body. I used the same methodology as I did with the head. Since it's the same, I didn't feel the need to record a video.

At this point, I was pretty tired of painting since I was doing the same thing over and over again, but sadly there was much more to go. Above, I've isolated all the parts that still required all the layers of paint that I've used before (base metal, green paint, rust).

Next I moved onto the next group of secondary parts which included the fingers. I just wanted to paint these a dark grey but they ended up looking too flat and plasticky. You don't see it here, but I went back and painted on black dots to break up the gray. For the backpack engine, I partially erased the dark gray to reveal the raw metal beneath. That still didn't look right so I had to rust up the whole thing too.

Next were the pouches which I wanted to look like worn leather. I made the bottom layer a dark yellow and painted brown over that. I then erased some of the brown to expose the yellow underneath. The default surface material of the model was shiny which I didn't want for the leather. I guess I could have changed the material but I didn't try that. Instead I painted shininess all over it. I can pick the color of the shine, so I changed it to black which dulled everything. It was still a little too brightly colored so I painted another layer of black on top of everything. While I was working on the pouches, I had the robot hidden away. So when I turned the robot visibility back on, the pouches ended up being much darker than the robot unfortunately. Below is the gun. I didn't put much effort into it since I was pretty tired at this point. Glamour shots in the next post.

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