Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 212

This chapter was about other tools or useful tips in Mudbox. One nice thing about the program is that I can mirror my actions while sculpting or painting onto the other side of the model. I used this a lot when I made the girl's head. Mirroring works when the model is symmetrical but sometimes you have to deal with an asymmetric figure. Luckily, you can tell Mudbox where the line of symmetry should be. So the figure above was modeled symmetrically but is posed asymmetrically.

All I have to do is select two faces that are on both sides of the midline and then Mudbox can figure out how to mirror from there. On the above right, you can see my brush on the left hand and a dot on the right hand indicating that whatever I do on the left hand will happen on the right hand. 

With my new found symmetry, I can now sculpt one one side and have it mirrored on the other. I was just messing around and ended up making this vagina faced monster. I unfortunately didn't record a video since I wasn't planning on actually doing much sculpting. Not that the face is awesome or anything. I just want to see how I arrived at this point when I started out just making a normal face.

I did another lesson using the masking tool to make this wetsuit guy. Masking is like erasing but not permanent. So here I have two layers where one has a version of the guy slightly plumper. I can use the masking tool to paint certain areas so that the thinner model is revealed below. Unlike normal erasing though, the masking, which is shown in red, gets saved so it can be changed or removed later on.

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