Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 214

Here's the robot with my final paint job. Mudbox has some filters it can add to the model. One is depth of focus which I used with the egg before. Another is ambient occlusion which is the shadows in the corners and crevices. I turned it on here which darkened the robot slightly to better match the dark pouches and gave a more realistic result overall.

I didn't mention it in the previous post, but another paint group I had were the big screw looking things on the joints. I didn't paint these and just left the bare silver metal layer showing. I only just painted some shininess on them.

Here's the actual two dimensional texture map. You can see how many parts the robot was actually made of and why painting these in Photoshop would have driven me crazy. While I was painting, I noticed that some parts on the body were coming out pixelated. Now I can see why when I look at the map. The three body sections are in the lower left corner so not much of the map is dedicated to those parts considering they're a main focal point. If they composed a larger portion of the map, then the painting there could have been more detailed.

Below is just a zoomed in view of that corner. You can see parts for the three body sections, the gun, the engine, some pouches and other random parts.

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