Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 207

Now with all the dents and scratches done with, I can paint the robot. I started with a base coat using an image of galvanized metal and painting that all over the robot. The robot is actually made up of a lot of separate pieces so next I focused on the head dome and hid everything else. Below you will see the video of myself painting the head. The book provides instructional videos for the different chapters and I was able to watch the author paint the head. However even though I knew what to do, it was still the first time I'm actually painting and using the various tools. Plus I knew I was going to record my work so there was the pressure of not messing up along with going as fast as I could so the video wouldn't end up being too long. With the settings I used, I think the video is going about six times faster than real time. Below the video is a description of what I was doing so you can read that before watching the video.

On top of the base metal coat, I painted another layer using an image of green camo as a stencil. Stencils appear overlaid on top until I start to paint and it'll go away. After covering most of the head, I used an erase tool to remove paint in areas where they would be chipped off like on the edge where the head meets the body and around the eyes. Then I removed paint on the scratches and bullet holes. I used a different stamp shape to scuff off paint on various dents. Next, I used an image of rust as another stencil to paint rust on different areas. After that, I applied some decals. The skull and crossbones was placed on the face so the skull eye is over the robot eye but it doesn't look that great. With the decal painted on, I then erased parts so it'll looked spray painted on with areas worn away. Last, I made a layer for shininess. It works the same way as painting with colors. I applied the shine to areas where the metal was exposed. I also put some on the decals since that paint could have a different shine compared to the camo. I ended with turning the head slowly around so you could see everything but at six times the speed that didn't work out. Instead below you'll find a turntable video Mudbox so kindly made for me. 

On a side note, I've never posted videos on Youtube before and I was pretty impressed with the options it gives you. I uploaded these videos and it said that they looked a little dark and asked if I wanted them to be brightened so I said (clicked) sure. Unfortunately, they made them a little too bright. You could see the painting better but the shiny parts were just too bright. So I switched the first video back but left the turntable video brightened so you could see what I painted better. The shiny parts are still too bright but you can blame Youtube and not my painting skills. In the future, I'll probably record higher rez videos since the file sizes didn't end up being that big.

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