Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 208

After making the turntable video in the last post, I decided to make a higher rez version of that since the video's file size wasn't that big. While that was processing, Mudbox crashed. Bad news cuz I did not save any of my painting work. Since I was being recorded, I didn't stop to save at any time. I knew I could pause the recording to save, but I wasn't expecting the program to crash. So I had to start over. More bad news, in the middle of doing the head, the laptop died. I had to do the overheating thing again to get it working. Then I hurriedly painted the head you see here (without recording myself). 

I switched the color of the decals so they'll stand out more. I changed the placement of the skull a bit so some of it got obscured when the rust was applied and it doesn't look much like a skull anymore. I also used a second image of rust to paint the more orange area which I think looks better. There's some pixelation on the decal and other areas. I could have fixed that but I was too worried about the laptop blowing up at any second. With the head done, I moved on to painting the body and then the laptop died again. With that, I finally conceded that using my brother's old laptop was not going to work out. I thought maybe I could do the sculpting on my laptop and painting on his to ease the load it experiences but it looks like it can die even after a few hours of work. If it could have lasted a few days between reheating, I could have lived with that but daily is just too much. So it looks like I need to buy a new computer.

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