Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 206

Next was to take the plain looking pouches around the robot's waist and make them more realistic. To make the process easier and help out my poor computer processor, I only made the pouches visible as I worked and hid the rest of the robot. Luckily there were only pouches in the front which cut down on the workload. The final result is below. I just pushed and pulled using different tools. I could have recorded a video but I didn't think pouch sculpting would be that interesting to see.

Since this is a short post, I thought I'd talk about other stuff. So this week wasn't super productive either. Some technical problems again which I'll talk about later. Usually I'm more productive on the weekend than the weekday. If I'm at home, I don't take any days off since I'm not working super hard in general where I would need a break. Anyway, weekdays tend to be less productive I think because I'm alone at home so no one's there to see me goof off and I don't feel as guilty. On weekends, my brothers are around so I feel more pressure to work. Plus I feel I need to use the weekend to make up for the rest of the week. It usually balances out where I've done enough to warrant five posts a week. If I get enough for six posts, man that feels good. However, this weekend I was in the city for Tom's birthday and the previous weekend I was at my parent's. So that's one reason why the posts have been a little light recently.

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