Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 205

The book doesn't want me to dive into sculpting just yet so they provided me with a model to work this. This robot here is made up of a couple million polygons if I remember correctly. The file size is over 500 mb. The first time I went to save my work, I thought the program froze or crashed. But I found out it just took a long time to save because of all the polygons. 

First up is some simple stuff. I started out with the imprint tool which allows me to imprint or raise up a single instance of any stamp instead of creating a normal stroke. I used a simple circle and pushed it in to make the robot eye. For the robot nipple, I pulled out a circle and pushed in a smaller one. The chest door required an image provided by the book to be used as a stamp. I can use almost any image I want as a stamp or a stencil if that wasn't clear before. After that, I did some more imprint work on the back area.

Next it was time to go hog wild and beat the crap out of the robot who is supposed to be damaged from battle. So I went about putting dents all over him. After that I used more precise tools to add in scratches and bullet holes. Lastly, I used a paint spray type stamp shape to create little bumps that represent rusting on the damaged metal areas.

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