Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 186

I'll be modeling the head separately from the body. I started with the neck piece from the body to use as a guide so the head will eventually fit with the body. 

The head will be done a little bit differently. Instead of starting with basic shapes, I'll be drawing a series of lines which will end up being the boundaries of future patches. From a side, I drew a line for the profile that includes the mouth cavity. From the front, I drew in lines for the eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

While drawing the lines, I also manipulated them so they're not just flat but are three dimensional. Once I had those basic outlines, I drew in secondary lines while still trying to create a three dimensional shape for the head.

After that, I can now connect the lines together to create surface patches. I ended up with the above right  after tweaking the patches after they were made. Next I made some whiskers and eye lashes. Then I made the eye and textured it. Lastly, I mirrored everything to get the final head. I can't really complain about the final result however all of this required a lot of planning in advance. Nurbs can be very finicky so the book had to explicitly show me where every single line should go which helped me avoid any problems. 

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