Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 185

So I'll be modeling this cat. The first step is making the body and I start with a cylinder. There are various ways to manipulate nurbs. Here I'm using the pink hull surrounding the cylinder. I can change the hull very much like a normal polygon which in turn changes the shape of the cylinder.

With the body complete, I made an arm with a cylinder and sphere and then a leg with a cylinder.

Now I have to stitch the parts together using the method I talked about in the previous post. So I cut up all the shapes into smaller patches, and then attach and detach ad nauseam until all the parts fit together. I found this process to be extremely tedious since it didn't always work properly. Worst was that such a simple operation required so much work. If these were polygons, I could attach them in five seconds. Instead I spent half an hour just to connect one tube to another.

Anyway after the arm and leg, I had to do the hands and feet. Apparently since nurbs are such a pain to work with, the book provided the hands and feet for me so all I had to do was attach them to what I already had.

So same methodology again. I also had to make a tail. Ironically it should have been the easiest but for some reason, I could not get the tail to attach properly. After spending way too much time on it, I just decided to quit and use the book's result instead.

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