Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 168

Now I get to animate something that isn't walking. Here I'm having the dog jump onto the scooter. Above you can see the main poses I created for the jump.

So I could see better what I was working on, I turned off the visibility of all the buildings. However, I left the lights on so that's why you can see the lens flare in the video.

I also animated the scooter a little bit so it looks like the dog is actually landing on it.

After finishing with the jump, I imported in the walking animation as well and sequenced it in front of the jump and blended the two actions together. Then I created a camera that I also animated to follow along the the dog's movements. Above on the left, you see the camera flowing in the scene and on the right you can see what it looks like through the camera. Below I have the final animation with the buildings put back in. 

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