Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 169

Now another animation with the dog riding the scooter. Above I've posed the dog on top of the scooter. I bent back the ears for the wind swept look.

Then I drew a line winding down the alley for the scooter to follow. I had the scooter bank side to side as it weaved down the alley. I made the tail sway side to side too but you can't really see that in these videos. I also made the handles and front wheel turn before the scooter turns but that isn't too noticeable either. Lastly, the book wanted me to make the dog pop a wheelie so I did that and added in some tweaks to make he dog react to landing back on the ground. I decided to make the head lights glow cuz it looked weird without it. Finally I animated the camera to capture everything.

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