Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 95

I'm getting ready to animate this guy so I have to rig everything up. I made a skeleton consisting of lots of joints and then I attached the skin to the skeleton.

Next is the part I hate the most. Basically I have to check how each joint affects the skin around it. Here I've selected the elbow joint and the intensity of white shows how much influence that joint has on the skin. If something looks obviously off, I can change it here but the best way to check is to rotate each joint and see if any weird deformations show up and then fix it. Fairly time intensive for a noob like me.

Lastly, here's the skeleton with some extra controls. I've set up inverse kinetics on the legs so I can just move the feet and the legs will react appropriately. The circles around the feet just make it easier to select them. I have another circle to select the hips. Then there's the big circle on the bottom which lets me move the entire guy around.

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