Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 96

Back to this side project. I started working on the head and quickly realized that I would have to do the hair separately. I only did one half of the face and then flipped it over. In Shiu Pei's original drawing, the face isn't perfectly symmetrical but each side works together to look normal. Unfortunately when I just modeled one side and flipped it over, he looked a little weird. So I just had to do some tweaks to make him look less creepy.

Here he is with some ears, eyes and eyebrows. In some previous lesson I had, I worked with a face and saw how they did eyes. So I copied that technique to do the iris and pupils. The head is pretty symmetrical except for tweaking his smile to make him smirk.

Then I proceeded to making the hair. It was a little rough starting out but once I laid down a couple of chunks of hair, things started to get easier. He actually looks pretty good from the front but I'll save that view for when he's all done. Right now, he's bald on the back of his head.

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