Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 94

While I have been flying through my book and it is somewhat basic, it did do something that my other book did not which is going through creating a character. My first book just gave me the person to work with. This is important because while I was working on the first book, I tried to model one of my toy action figures. That turned out to be a train wreck because I just didn't know the proper way to start. Now that I've gone over some of my second book, I felt more confident in trying to model a character. So I used (stole) a character that Shiu Pei drew which conveniently already had multiple views to use as references. I've been working on him while also doing book stuff so what you see here is what I've done over two or three days.

You can't always match a 3-D object to 2-D drawings so I had to take some liberties here and there. As I was working on the back, I noticed that Shiu Pei's drawing wasn't anatomically correct. The hands are turned the wrong way. I didn't fix it cuz the way it's drawn is easier to emulate. She also has the top thumb wrapped around the handle which I didn't do for the sake of time. The hands aren't the greatest but they work. Overall, I think it looks pretty good so far. Note that I'm not aiming for perfection. I'm doing it as fast as I can just to get it under my belt.

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