Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Day 102

I finished my second book and I'm on my way to the third. I thought I'd show the books I've spend so much time with. My first one is on the left. It was about 600 pages and took me over two months to get through. Meanwhile the second book on the right is about 270 pages and took me less than two weeks.

One reason I went through it so quickly, besides just being simpler and less comprehensive, is that it wasn't very information dense. You can see there's a lot of words on the left for the first book and pictures weren't afraid to get pushed into the margins. Meanwhile the other other book had a lot of empty space. I don't regret going through the second book but I'm a little disappointed that both books cost the same when the second book has probably a fifth of the information as the first.

Anyway, I'm getting into my third book now. Similar to the second book where I had one project from start to finish, this one looks like it'll be focusing on just two projects. One being the alien on the cover which looks a whole lot better than the guy from the second book. This third book is over 400 pages and isn't quite as information heavy as the first. It has a more textbook feel to it and the author is a teacher at an art school. It's also fully colored which is nice. The second book was as well but it was barely noticeable. I'm looking forward to going through this book. The first book was good but going through it felt slow and a lot of work. I think I'm over the initial hump though. We'll see.

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