Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Day 101

So I finished up Harvey here. Doing the hair on the back of his head was a pain in the ass. The cowlick was also hard to do cuz there was also some angle where it looked really weird. I also could have tweaked the nose so it looks less flat in the profile view. Otherwise, I think it turned out pretty well for my first solo try at this kind of thing.

While the end product is good, the method I used to get there wasn't very efficient or elegant. I just kind of went for the brute force method. I built him using simple polygons, however while I'm working, I can see how the smoothed final look will be. So I was just looking at the smoothed version as I was actually manipulation the blocky version beneath the surface. I wanted to keep the blocky version simple with less polygons but that meant I had to overcompensate when moving points around. This lead to overlap that I didn't want but it was still workable. I wouldn't do this in the future though. So here's how he looked before being smoothed out.

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