Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 335

In the past, I've written about how I carve late at night often. The light in my room isn't that bright so I don't see what I'm doing very well. Often it isn't until the next day when I have sunlight that I can clearly see what I did the previous night. I decided to fix this by finding my old lamp in our basement. It's a desk lamp so all the light is directed downward onto what I'm working on and not in my face which is nice.

The funny thing is that it's too much light and I see things too clearly now. When I take photos of my crayons, it gets blown up so big on my computer screen that I see all the faults and defects. It looks bad on the screen, but in real life it looks fine. Now with this lamp, I can see all the defects as if I was zoomed in with my camera. Now I spend too much time trying to perfect everything when it actually looks fine in normal lighting conditions. I'll keep using the lamp though because too much light is still better than too little.

Above is a picture of my work area. It's pretty fancy working on the floor (hurts my knees after awhile though). I took this picture at night with my normal room light off and just this lamp on. I thought it would look cool but unfortunately, my room isn't big so I couldn't back up enough to get the right shot. Now it just looks like a poorly lit photo. Anyway, on the top left, you can see my crayons and completed carvings sitting in test tubes. You can also see my tray of crayon tips which I save if I need to melt them to fix or add to something. On the right, is my laptop for looking at reference photos and watching TV shows (it can't be a show that's too distracting though). Top right in the dark are my magical crayon melting tools.

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