Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 290

So moving onto painting. The first thing I did was apply the base layer of colors all over. Then I focused on all the hair accessories. Using a few new layers, I mainly just copied what Shiu Pei had done. The pearls will get a coat of shine eventually.

Next I painted the hair and put in some dark and light streaks. It's a little subtle but when I do the bump map, it should stand out more. I also did the eyes. Shiu Pei's drawing had fairly dark eyes but I made the irises more visible here.

Then I moved downwards. The coral on the waist aren't made of many polygons and they're just simple bumps. So I used the paint to try to add in more structural detail than there really is. The leg area was a little tougher since it had a slight gradient color change, dots and dark mottling. This may sound weird but I'm strangely proud of the brown mottling.  

This left all the brown spots for last. It was hard getting the right look with dot size and density. It's not as intense as it could have been. It looks good up close but kind of fades away as you get further away. After doing all the colors, I did the bump and specular map. The only thing I did with the bump map was to make more definition in the hair. For specular, I made the pearls shiny, put a little shine in the eyes, some streaks in the hair and then some spots of shine along the waist. You can see some of that below.

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