Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 283

I have small complaints about each individual crayon carving but when put together as a whole, they look pretty awesome (in my humble opinion). Above you can see an alternative design I had for the Tyrell flower.

With the crayons done, I needed to display them for the art show. I was going to make something using the box the crayons came in but decided to go a fancier route. I bought a small shadow box that was just big enough to fit all the crayons. The next larger size would have been too big. Then I needed to make something to actually hold the crayons upright. My original idea did not work at all but after multiple attempts, I ended up with what you see below.

The use of string was part of the original idea. The substructure wasn't going to look nice so all the string was supposed to cover that up. I also wanted the string box to be removable so you could take out the crayons to look at them better. Unfortunately, the box is wedged in there pretty tightly. You can still pull the crayons out individually but it's not as easy as taking out the whole thing. 

So a lot of time was put into this and I'm really happy with how things turned out. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the actual art show but they're floating around on the Interwebs somewhere. The day before turning in my piece for the show, I decided to make something for Shiu Pei as a congrats for putting on her first art show. I had this brown crayon left and decided to make her an owl. Then I got ambitious and decided to make it multicolored. So using my tools, I melted yellow crayon wax onto the brown. I had to be careful because the hot yellow wax would melt the brown wax and mix together. I wanted a nice pure yellow but it was hard to do. Instead of having brown splotches in the yellow, I tried melting and mixing the entire yellow area to make a more consistent yellow brown color. If I had more time, I could have made it little better but it's not bad for my first attempt at multicolored crayons. Anyway, thanks for putting on a great show Shiu Pei. It was a hoot.

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