Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 282


So the art show has come and gone. It was a lot of fun especially since so many people came out for it. Now I can post pictures of the other crayon carvings I haven't shown yet. Above is the Baratheon stag with a crown. The anters were the tricky part here. I carved inward straight across to make the three prongs and then carved up and down in the middle. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but it was hard accessing the middle parts to shape and smooth areas there. This is one of my favorite crayons since it's easy to see what it is even from a distance.

Next we have House Arryn and their sigil is a falcon and moon. This may have been the hardest one to do. Carving a bird in flight would have been tough enough but making a bird while maintaining space for a crescent moon just made it even harder. Despite that, it turned out really well and is also one of my favorite carvings. The only downside is that the blue crayon is so dark and it's hard to see the details.

Here we have an orange crayon for House Martell. Watchers of just the Game of Thrones show have not met this family yet. Their sigil is a sun pierced by a spear. The sun had to be small since there's no way to make a sphere bigger within the space of a crayon. I couldn't think of or didn't want to attempt an alternative so I just carved the sun design into the sphere. I didn't want to have a narrow spear shaft so I wrapped a snake around it since snakes are also associated with this family. This is probably the hardest crayon for someone to figure out which house it goes with since the sun doesn't immediately look like a sun and you can only see the spear point.

Here is the crayon for the Targaryens. Their sigil isn't just a dragon but a three headed one. I was worried about having enough space for three and thought about having them at different levels but I realized that the heads would be small and could fit side by side. For the wings, I thought of having them stretched up or folded back but those wouldn't have worked out well. Then I got the idea of having the wings wrap around the body which was much easier to do and would also look better. I added in a tail visible from the front and then carved flames around the base. I like how this turned out but it's hard to get the whole picture without turning it around in your hands.

Here is a flower for House Tyrell. I was worried about the narrowness of the stem and tried different things but ended up sticking with a stem. I made it narrow looking from the front but thick when viewed from the side so it wouldn't break. I'm disappointed that I couldn't put in thorns since that's another symbolic thing about the family. They're sweet and pretty like a flower but you have to beware their thorns. I was also sad that in the display case, you couldn't see the top of the flower. I thought the petals there turned out really well.

Here are more clear pictures of the crayons you've already seen. I'm not happy with the Greyjoy kraken. I'm not sure why. I think I just wish I could have done something more epic with the tentacles. Black also makes it hard to see.

The Lannister lion turned out well. My only complaint is that the sigil has a more medieval stylized lion design and this is more of a realistic take. I also didn't make the lion stand on a stack of coins like I originally planned.

The Stark direwolf is probably the one I'm most disappointed by. Because it's the most popular house, I don't think the carving lives up to that. Design-wise there wasn't really much flexibility there and execution-wise it could have been better.

The Tully fish was another really dark crayon which I didn't like but otherwise it's not too bad. If you look closely, you can see that the fish and the wave aren't aligned correctly. They're slightly off by a few degrees. Group shots in the next post.

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