Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 269

Next I need to attach the tank to the body with a lot of rubber bands. This part was fairly tedious since each one had to be uniquely adapted to the body and tank and to the other rubber bands. After the rubber bands, I had to make a paper clip for the front (and then tweak all the rubber bands to fit around the clip).

Then it was onto the hands. The "hand" on the left is made of a big bead and then a thimble on top of that. Sticking out the end should be the cork screw from a wine opener. Again I used another helix and you can see how changing the variables can create a very different look compared to the helices in the arms. The cork screw still needs to be edited a little more which I will do in Mudbox. The other hand is some sort of sack thing. I couldn't tell from any picture what it should be. Lastly, I had to make some string that wraps around the neck and the top of the tank. The arm in the pic below goes through the rubber band which will also be fixed in Mudbox.

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