Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 268

Let me first say that I did not make the above image if for some reason you were thinking that. This is the inspiration for my next project. It's from the Bioshock videogame series. Above is a doll version of the first game's big boss character made of random found objects. It's pretty old but it got stuck in my head because they actually produced a real life version of the doll and I wanted to buy one. Anyway, I thought it would be an interesting thing to make.

I started out with a sphere for the baseball head. The stitching will be painted on later. Then I made a tack, duplicated it a few times and placed them over the face. Next I made the cage over the face which are supposed to be twisted paperclips.

The body is made from the body of a plastic doll. Then it has rag doll type legs. The arms are made of twine/yarn. You've seen me use a variety of starting shapes like spheres, cubes and cylinders. Another starting shape is a helix. I tweaked different variables for the helix to get the right look and then I duplicated and rotated it to get the right double helix rope look. Then it was a quick trip to Mudbox to give it the right bend. Next is the tank on the back. It's hard to tell from pictures but I think it's suppose to be the plastic canister that photographic film used to come in. On top of that is a bottle cap held on with a nail.

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